Knobs Flat

Knobs Flat is an interactive AI character portrait. ​By exploring the world and observing Knobs reactions, you gain insights into the dog’s personality.


First Album by experimental music collective Auunan.


A fox is exploring a vast forest with its inhabitants and places. You may become a part of his quest or experience the game on your own. „Close“ is a poetic and atmospheric exploration of yourself and the other one, of being alone and being together.​

Six Scenes of Collaboration

is a six channel multiplayer installation. Each scene is a game on it’s own and at the same time connected to all other games, allowing movement, overlapping effects and input across all games.


New sounds, visuals & artwork with experimental music collective.

Comet Tail

Comet Tail lets you take control of the comet famous for extinguishing the dinosaurs. It blends ambient exploration and dynamic arcade gameplay letting you choose how you want to play.


Visuals and Artwork


Sound piece with Artwork and Packaging.

Glis Glis by Tal

Three-piece performance and videowork exploring the consciousness and dream world of a dormouse.

Methoden der Populärkulturforschung

Book Cover Illustration and layout for Lit Verlag.