Hello, I’m Tobias Zarges. I’m working within a wide range of media and materials including visual art, sound, code and play to create, explore and deconstruct immersive worlds, layers and entanglements of digital and analog systems, aesthetics and narratives.

Uppcomming / Recent


New Seminar w/ Johanna Schaffer


New Auunan Release coming soon

TALKS/TEACHING (selection)
2020 Lecture Vision – Desire – Games – System, Kunsthochschule Kassel /w Johanna Schaffer
2020 Lecture Instructions and Possibilities, Kunsthochschule Kassel
2019 Lecture Narratives, Kunsthochschule Kassel
2018 Lecture Narrative Play, Goethe-Zentrum, Cluj
2017 Talk About the Essence of Games, SuperTokonoma, Kassel
2017 Talk Hidden Systems, Genua
2014 Lecture Noise, SuperTokonoma, Kassel
2012 Workshop Department of Author Games, Kunsthochschule Kassel

2018 Performance Swimming Diamonds, Le Monde Diplomatique, w/Auunan & Sheree Domingo, Berlin
2018 Exhibition Examen, Kassel
2018 Exhibition Experimental Videogame Showcase, Atlanta
2018 Exhibition Goethe-Zentrum, Cluj
2018 Exhibition Leftfield Collection, Burningham
2018 Performance Psychedelic Laboratory at Desu:d, w/Auunan & Fratar, Kassel
2017 Exhibition Super Tokonoma, w/Auunan, Kassel
2017 Exhibition Monitoring/Dok-Fest, Kassel
2017 Exhibition Game On, Buenos Aires
2017 Award Most Innovative Newcomer Game, Hamburg
2017 Exhibition Play 17, Hamburg
2017 Performance Kitokia Grafika, w/Auunan & Sheree Domingo, Kaunas
2017 Performance Floatation Device, w/Auunan, Kassel
2017 Exhibition Game Happens, Genua
2017 Exhibition ITFS, Stuttgart
2017 Exhibition IGF Pavillion, San Francisco
2017 Award IGF Nuovo Award Finalist, San Francisco
2016 Award CDW Stiftung Förderpreis, Kassel
2016 Exhibition Examen, Kassel
2016 Performance Strong Proud Stupid And Superior Release Shows, w/Auunan, Kassel
2016 Performance Mora, w/Tises, Berlin
2015 Performance Für die musikalische Untermalung sorgen, w/Tises & Quib!, Kassel
2015 Performance CTM Festival, w/Grebenstein, Berlin
2014 Performance Koralle Release Show, SuperTokonoma, w/Tises & Quib!, Kassel
2013 Exhibition Spielsalon, Kassel
2012 Exhibition Ucla Game Art Festival, Los Angeles
2011 Exhibition Dokfest Lounge, Kassel